Introducing Wax Press Esthetic™ Wax Press brand now in Dentine Shades.

Introducing Wax Press Esthetic™ Wax Press brand now in  Dentine Shades.

Brea, California – As a brand extension to its market leading digital wax portfolio, Harvest Dental has now launched Wax Press Esthetic™, machinable waxes in dentine shades.    

The new pressing wax exhibits the same superior characteristics you’ve come to appreciate with Harvest Wax Press, and now offers a dual solution for an esthetic pressing wax, as well as a superior diagnostic wax presentation. 

A clear Incisal wax is also available to create incredible esthetics in two easy steps. 

“It is always our goal to find new and creative ways to reinvent product categories, and with Wax Press Esthetic, we are really excited about the outcome,” says Sasha Der Avanessian, CEO. 

“We are passionate about the wax category, and wanted to give technicians the benefit working with a wax that exhibits enamel.”


For more information about Wax Press Esthetic, please visit the product page here.


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