Harvest Publishes "Brand Ethos. Who we are and Why we exist."

Harvest Publishes "Brand Ethos. Who we are and Why we exist."

Brea, California – Harvest Dental announced the release of a new hardbound book for its own employee engagement, which serves as the brand’s enduring guide to authenticity, integrity and philosophy.

Written by founder and CEO Sasha Der Avanessian, the assets of the brand are clearly communicated in 15 core values which guide the company towards its narrow and focused social and commercial mandate.


“Every relevant brand must know why they exist in the marketplace.  Upon the formation of the company, the Ethos really started as an introspective exercise to clearly define that answer,” said Der Avanessian.

“When it comes to being customer centric, the means to that end has to start with employee engagement.  This serves as our resource and roadmap internally, and we published it because from a relational perspective, it’s very important to me that our team, as well as our user community knows who we are, and what inspires us about the legacy we want to leave behind.” 

You can read the Harvest Brand Ethos by clicking here.