P3 Polish

P3 Polish


e.max & Zirconia for Shine & Polish


The polisher market is chaotic; Harvest stands for simplicity. 

Introducing P3, a simple, 1-step approach to the perfect final surface you’re looking for. With slight pressure, control reduction, shine and luster with just one tool.

The moment you try P3 on zirconia, lithium disilicate and ceramic, is the moment you’ll realize just how peaceful polishing can be. 


Created for ZrO2, LS2 and ceramics.
Simplified one-step system.
Loves to surprise.

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Order Information
207-0001     P3.Polish, Point, 5.5 x 15 mm
207-0002     P3.Polish, Disc, 17 x 2.6 mm , small
207-0003     P3.Polish, Disc 26 x 1.3 mm , large
207-0004     P3.Polish, Disc, 26.0 x 1.3mm, Knife Edge