Instrum Composite

Instrum Composite


Instruments for composite


Everything has a box – a framed perception based on the way things are ‘supposed’ to be. Once you can identify this, the dreaming of a development may begin.  

The thoughtfully composed instrument for owning a creation with composites starts with the vision and collaboration with m.d.t. Nena von Hajmasy, and ends with the following:

A natural hair mix for nature-like build-up, a precision point to create structure, and tatoo internal color effects using stains, and a ball point to mimic gingiva and create an occlusal structure.


Balanced handling
Comfortable build-up
Magnetic tip interchange

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209-1000 Instrum  Composite   Full Kit
1x Composite Build, 1x Composite Tatoo, 1x Composite Ball

209-1001 Instrum   Composite   Build   2/pk
209-1002 Instrum   Composite   Tatoo   2/pk
209-1003 Instrum   Composite   Ball   2/pk